Today's video is a long one because I want to get personal with it. This Saturday we are back to typical fast-pace cinematic travel videos but if you wanna hang, here is what we talk about today: 1. Crushing Goals @2:50 2. Are you tired of travel? Can you continue? @5:15 3. 2019 travel plans @8:38 4. WHAT KIND OF VIDEOS WILL I MAKE IN 2019? @10:55 5. WHAT AM I WATCHING ON YOUTUBE? @14:57 6. BUSINESS BUILDING 2019 @23:40 7. My equipment @30:33 8. Our New Years in Vancouver @36:25 Instagram Facebook Lost LeBlanc Twitter Lost LeBlanc Katy's Instagram: Get Travel Tips and Advice on Running a Social Media Business - Come Behind the Scenes and Join my Community All Music Music Used in this Video comes from HERE: (Copyright Free Music) Learn How I edit ALL my Travel Videos - (Exclusive Course Link) Happy New Year! #LostLeBlanc #2019