Day: September 9, 2020

How to Road Trip Around Oahu

Posted: 8/3/20 | August 3rd, 2020 I didn’t know much about Oahu before I visited. Everyone told me it was worth it for Pearl Harbor but to spend the rest of my time elsewhere in Hawaii. Maui and Kauai were where the action was, they said. But Oahu was home to Honolulu’s international airport from ….  Read More

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Welcome aboard the motorhome and our home on wheels as we road trip Canada. RV life or Van life, is full and pros and cons and if you are considering it, these are some of the realities you must know! Get started today with Storyblocks: Get my FREE 1-Hour Content Creator Training HERE: ….  Read More

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How to Spend 48 Hours in Oslo

Updated: 8/10/20 | August 10th, 2020 Most budget travelers skip Norway because it’s an expensive country to visit. The capital, Oslo, is consistently ranked as one of the most expensive cities in the world owing to its high taxes, strong currency, and high percentage of imported goods. Understandably, traveling here on a budget here is ….  Read More

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