Day: September 3, 2020

The 30 Best Small Towns in America

I love my city life. But one of the things I love best about cities is finding the neighborhoods–each with it’s own character and ‘main street.’ Essentially it’s like I like to find the ‘small towns’ inside cities. So I love finding actual small towns that still have their own town center feel with local ….  Read More

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Is an active tour for you

There are many ways to see the world. Each mode of transportation has pros and cons. On a cruise, you’ll enjoy the humbling experience of having the infinite ocean laid out before you and not having to move from hotel to hotel, but you won’t experience much more of the country past the commercialized ports ….  Read More

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Revel in la dolce vita on the Amalfi Coast

Well-known for scenery, history, cuisine and style, the famous stretch of coastline along the Amalfi Coast is blessed with warm sunshine, fascinating culture and beautiful beaches. Tracing the shoreline of this UNESCO heritage site by yacht allows full appreciation of this extraordinary destination. Not only will the views be even more spectacular, but a yacht ….  Read More

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