Month: August 2020

Top 5 ski tours

There’s time for things to change for the better, of course, but by now, normally, most people would have already booked this winters ski trip and would be counting down the days. Despite the best guarantees that deposits will be refunded people are understandably very nervous of committing. I thought I’d share with you my ….  Read More

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SHOULD YOU TRAVEL IN 2020 Canada to Mexico

Can you travel in 2020? Well… travel has never been quite this complicated BUT, here’s my experience after traveling Mexico and Canada in 2020. Get started today with Storyblocks: Get my FREE 1-Hour Content Creator Training HERE: Watch the Canada road trip series: Instagram Facebook Lost LeBlanc Twitter Lost LeBlanc All ….  Read More

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33 things to do in Bhutan

Before COVID-19 threw the world into chaos, Bhutan topped the Lonely Planet ‘Best in Travel’ list as the country to visit in 2020, and for good reason. Bhutan promises a unique adventure to any traveller; soaring mountains are blanketed with evergreen forests and dotted with Buddhist temples, valleys sliced by glacial rivers and deliciously clean ….  Read More

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