Day: October 20, 2019

What is Saudi Arabia REALLY like

Saudi Arabia is a country we’ve all heard in the media for many reasons. Because it’s doors have been closed to tourism until now, it’s been hard to know what Saudi Arabia is really like. These 3 days in the country were among some of my most memorable as a traveler. I was left in ….  Read More

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The Very Best Things to do in Bologna, Italy

Staying in Bologna for an extended period of time allowed us to truly experience Italy like a local.  It rivals Florence or Pisa and there are so many things to do in Bologna, you’ll be surprised! Located in the heart of the Emilia Romagna region of Italy, Bologna is an ideal city to make a base when traveling around the central ….  Read More

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Ecuador and Galapagos to suit every time scale

Visiting the Galapagos Islands is on the bucket-list of many traveling to South America, and rightly so! Visiting Darwin’s ‘living laboratory’ and witnessing the extraordinary flora and fauna who make the islands their home really is an experience like no other. The logistics of arranging a trip here can sometimes be overwhelming for potential travelers ….  Read More

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