Day: October 10, 2019

20 Must-See Things to do in Bangkok

Looking for the best things to do in Bangkok? This comprehensive guide will give you all the tools you need to make the most of your time in the city. Things to do in Bangkok We love Bangkok. It’s exciting and a bit hectic, but full of amazing food and culture. The sprawling metropolis is huge, and ….  Read More

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5 lesser-known pyramids in Egypt

The Great Pyramids of Giza are one of the world’s defining architectural achievements; one of the wonders of the ancient world, and a dazzling feat of architectural genius. The Great Pyramid and its two cousins at the Giza pyramid complex is a must-see Egyptian landmark. Along with the enigmatic Sphinx and other smaller tombs and ….  Read More

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What to do in Case of a Travel Emergency

There’s a lot of information out there about travel insurance. “Why you need travel insurance,” “What type of travel insurance should I choose?“, “How to choose the best travel insurance“. But there isn’t a lot of information on what to do if an actual travel emergency happens.  Luckily (or maybe not luckily) Dave and I ….  Read More

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