Day: September 21, 2019

17 things to do in Sri Lanka

Over the last decade, Sri Lanka has seen a deserving rise in tourism, becoming the place to go for holidaymakers and travel bloggers alike. The revered Tear Drop island of the Indian Ocean is a beautifully spirited nation; its flag is the only one of its kind in the world to recognise three religious’ beliefs: ….  Read More

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5 places to visit in central Malawi

Although it is home to the country’s capital and main airport, Central Malawi is not as popular with visitors as the better-known attractions to the south of the country. But it does have plenty of places to visit and great experiences on offer, all within relatively easy access of the point where most people enter ….  Read More

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A beginners guide to Provence

With such a lot to see and do in Provence, it can sometimes become overwhelming trying to plan a holiday in Provence… especially if you have never visited before! To help you enjoy the perfect Provence vacation I’ve listed some top attractions and well as lots of useful information about the region. If you’ve got ….  Read More

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