Day: September 19, 2019

Ultimate Pre-Travel Checklist

We’ve chosen our destination, We’ve set the time aside with no distractions or work commitments to get in our way and our tickets are purchased.  It’s time to enjoy our dream vacation and we don’t want anything to go wrong. So, we make sure to follow this travel checklist before we go. It makes things ….  Read More

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The 7 Best Tour Companies in Iceland

Posted: 9/17/2019 | September 17th, 2019 Iceland is an utterly unique country, with glaciers varying in color from white to blue to gray, waterfalls the size of skyscrapers plummeting down sheer rock cliffs, and bumpy lava fields covered in moss in every shade of green you can imagine. And you’ll hear fantastical tales from history ….  Read More

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