10 Things to do in Quebec with Kids

Things to do in Quebec with kids

The predominantly French-speaking province of Québec is the perfect destination for family travel.

Québec is quite different from the rest of Canada. It has a unique Francophone culture that shares many similarities to French culture. Most first time visitors to Québec will start by exploring the vibrant cities of Quebec City and Montreal. While these popular cities are loaded with culture, history and fun tourist attractions, there are plenty of fun things to do in Quebec’s other regions.

This collection of Things to do in Quebec with kids is based on our personal experiences from a visit to the region last summer. We were in Québec for five days and stayed at three different locations – Laval, Sorel-Tracy, and Sainte-Anne-de-Sabrevois.

We arrived in Quebec via the Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau Airport in Montreal. We joined group of family travel media on an organized FAM trip that was hosted by Quebec Original.

This post highlights family friendly activities you can experience in Montérégie and Laval, Quebec.

Hot air balloon Quebec

1. Hot Air Balloon Ride (Monteregie)

One of the best ways to witness the beauty of the Montérégie region is to float high above in a hot air balloon. Watching the peaceful countryside slowly pass under the hot air balloon basket was a clear highlight from our trip to Quebec.

The hot air balloon company we went with is La Magie de l’Air. Our sunset tour departed at 6:00 PM from our camp in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, which is located in the southwest part of Quebec (about an hour drive from Montreal) .

Watch a short video from our hot air balloon tour here.

Given the unpredictability of weather, it’s best to schedule your hot air balloon tour early in your trip, just in case it gets cancelled. This way, you’ll have more chances to try again another day.

Kids above the recommended age of 5 are allowed to fly in the hot air balloon.

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Hot air balloon Quebec

Above: Flying over the countryside of Montérégie in a hot air balloon basket.

Arabraska Quebec

2. Explore the treetops with Arbraska (Monteregie)

Arbraska is a treetop adventure park with several locations in Quebec and Ontario. We visited the Mont Saint – Gregoire location in the region of Montérégie.

When you arrive, the staff suits you up with a harness and gives a demonstration about how the ropes work and how your harness will keep you safe. Each harness has two clips. As you walk through the treetop ropes course, you clip on to the next cable before un-clipping. The clip system is similar to rock climbing.

We did 3 different courses during our visit. The courses have different heights and level of difficulty, so you have a variety of experiences. Some are harder than others, with obstacles and zip lines. You may need to help your kid(s) clip in and out as you move through the course, depending on their age and ability.

Wear comfortable clothes and have proper shoes, ideally running shoes.

Information about admission and hours of operation here.

Arabraska Quebec

Above – Selfie about 20 feet high at Arabraska’s treetop ropes course.

Statera, the 104th Island experience, Quebec

3. Statera – the 104th Island (Monteregie)

Statera, the 104th island experience, is a new attraction located at the junction of the Richelieu River and the St. Lawrence River. It is a three-part immersive multimedia experience, designed for visitors to learn about the past 1,000 years of the Sorel-Tracy region.

The three parts of the Statera experience include (1) an Interactive Journey, (2) 360 Dome Experience, and (3) three-hour cruise into the heart of the 103 Sorel Islands in the Lac Saint-Pierre archipelago.

We did the interactive journey and 360 Dome Experience during our visit.

The Interactive Journey is a fun experience. Guided by your magic lantern, you listen to a story on earphones as you walk through the exhibit. The interactive quest takes you through four different zones, each representing a different element of nature (water, earth, air and fire).

You need to complete the quest to find the exit door, which magically opens when the experience is completed. This activity may be a little scary for younger children because it’s quite dark inside the exhibit. Braydon thought it was very cool, but he also held my hand throughout the journey, which is usually a sign he’s a little nervous.

The 360 Dome Experience is basically a 30 minute movie, where the chairs fully recline so you can watch the story unfold on the giant dome screen above. The movie highlights the natural and industrial environments that formed what is now the Sorel-Tracy region.

The 360 Dome Experience is only available when it’s dark, so plan your day accordingly.

Information about prices and hours of operation here.

Statera, the 104th Island experience, Quebec

Braydon about to start the interactive journey with his magic lantern

Statera, the 104th Island experience, Quebec

Experiencing the element of fire in the Statera interactive journey.

Statera, the 104th Island experience, Quebec

Above: Experiencing the element of water in the Statera interactive journey

Hotel de la Rive Quebec

Where to stay in Sorel-Tracy, Monteregie

We stayed at the Hotel de la Rive. It’s the only hotel in the area and is located very close to Statera.

The room is comfy and it has a beautiful view of the river. It has a nice outdoor pool and patio area (see above photo). The restaurant at the hotel, Steakhouse and Bar, is really good.

Make sure you stay for breakfast, it’s delicious!

hotel de la rive quebec

Dinner: Blue cheese, apple and walnut salad at the Steakhouse and Bar.

Breakfast in Sorel Tracy

Breakfast: yogurt with fresh strawberries, honey and granola.

Butterfly pavilion, Ferme Guyon, Chambly, Quebec, Canada

4. Ferme Guyon: Nursery, Market & Farm (Monteregie)

Located near the town of Chambly, Ferme Guyon is a great place to have something to eat, grab a souvenir, or spend the afternoon as a family.

It has a butterfly pavilion where guests can hold butterflies and see them flying around. It also has reptiles and bugs that the staff bring out for kids to touch and hold.

Ferme Guyon also has a large petting farm with bunnies, chickens, goats, cows, sheep and more. Braydon loved feeding the goats and holding the bunnies.

Plan to spend about 3 hours to properly enjoy the facility.

The restaurant at Ferme Guyon is quite good. We enjoyed a 3 course meal with wine pairings.

Information about admission and hours of operation here.

Petting Farm, Ferme Guyon, Chambly, Quebec, Canada

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Chambly Fort, Quebec, Canada

5. Visit Fort Chambly (Monteregie)

The town of Chambly is adorable. We didn’t stay the night in Chambly, but after driving through the town and visiting the Fort, we think it should be your list of things to do in Quebec.

The star attraction of Chambly is Fort Chambly, a Canadian National Historic Site originally built in 1665 to defend the colony. Strategically situated on the Richelieu River rapids, the current stone fortification was preceded by three wooden forts. Our guided tour of the Fort was an interesting and fun way to learn about the town’s history and the impact it had on Canada’s story.

Chambly is also known for the Chambly Canal, another National Historic Site. Built in 1843 to bypass several kilometers of Richelieu River rapids between the towns of Chambly and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, it’s part of a series of waterways connecting the Saint Lawrence River and New York City.

Information about admission and hours of operation here.

Fort Chambly, Quebec

Kids and adults can dress up at Fort Chambly. Braydon striking a pose in traditional soldier attire.

Fourquet Fourchette

Where to eat in Chambly, Quebec

When in the town of Chambly, you’ll want to check out Fourquet Fourchette. Known for its traditional food and beer, it’s located next to Chambly Fort and is perfectly situated on the shores of the Richelieu Basin.

The restaurant is located inside a beautiful old building that was originally built in 1920. It also has a nice outdoor space if you prefer to eat outside (see above photo).

If you like beer you should visit this restaurant and try the beer sampler – it’s delicious!

Fourquet Fourchette chambly

Quebec craft beer, Fourquet Fourchette, Chambly

Above: Sampling a variety of Quebec beer at Fourquet Fourchette.

Domaine Pourki Quebec

6. Sleep in an Over-water Tipi or Bora Bora Hut

Domaine Pourki is a vacation resort camp located in Sabrevois. The camp is located about a 35 minute drive southeast of Montreal. What makes this resort camp unique is that guests can choose to sleep in either a Bora Bora hut or an Over-water Tipi.

Braydon was initially excited about the Tipi, but after some deliberation, we decided on the Bora Bora hut. It was a better option because it didn’t require a canoe to get to the hut (see photo above). In case you’re wondering – as I did – the over-water Tipi’s have a portable toilet in case of a midnight emergency.

Domaine Pourki also offers cabins and a camping area, along with a number of fun outdoor activities, like canoeing, archery, giant bouncy castle, and an outdoor pool.

When we returned from our Hot Air Balloon ride we spent hours sitting by the campfire while the kids had fun running around in the dark.

More information about the resort here.

Domaine Pourki tipi Quebec with kids

Above: Inside the Tipi at Domaine Pourki.

Bora Bora hut at Domaine Pourki Quebec

Inside the Bora Bora Hut at Domaine Pourki.

Bora Bora hut at Domaine Pourki Quebec

Outside view of the Bora Bora Hut at Domaine Pourki.

tipi domaine pourki quebec

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indoor skydiving quebec

7. Indoor Skydiving at SkyVenture Montreal (Laval)

Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane has never been high on my bucketlist. However, when I learned we could experience the thrill of free falling in a safe and controlled environment, I was intrigued.

Out of all the activities we did in Quebec, the indoor skydiving at SkyVenture Montreal was my favourite. The feeling of flying indoors was so unique and unlike anything I had experienced before.

There are only a few places in Canada where you can try indoor skydiving, so if you’re in Laval (or Montreal) and looking for a different adventure, you should consider adding this to your itinerary.

It’s wise to make a reservation ahead of time. Visit SkyVenture Montreal here.

Read about our indoor skydiving experience here.

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Cosmodome Laval Quebec

8. Go to Space at Cosmodome (Laval)

Cosmodome is a space science museum and education center located in Laval. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be an astronaut, this place was created with you in mind.

We spent the morning here and could easily have stayed longer. Cosmodome offers virtual missions and simulators that emulate what astronauts experience – like the feeling of being weightless.

Braydon tried the roller coaster simulator. It was hilarious watching him in the chair with the virtual glasses on. He waved to the crowd and kept turning around in the chair as the roller coaster went up and down.

Cosmodome offers camps for kids ranging from one day to multiple days. Kids sleep in bunk bed cabins at night and spend the days learning about space and what it’s like to be an astronaut.

Some activities, like the Training Simulator and Space Shuttle tour, are only offered on weekends and on a first-come first-served basis. Make sure you check the schedules and plan accordingly.

Information about admission and schedules here.

Cosmodome Laval Quebec

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Maeva Indoor Surfing, Flowrider, Laval, Quebec

9. Indoor Surfing at Maeva Surf (Laval)

Indoor surfing on the Flowrider at Maeve Surf was Braydon’s favourite activity on our trip to Quebec. The facility is located at Centropolis in Laval.

We did the first time surfer package, which includes registration, a training lesson upstairs in a private room, and time on the wave. The packages are semi-private courses (they split the wave in two) with a maximum of 6 riders per instructor.

By the end of our lesson Braydon was able to body surf on his own and I managed to stand on the surfboard. It was super fun! With only 6 people in our group the wait time between turns was really short.

You will need to make a reservation – contact Maeva Surf before you go. If you’re with 4+ participants it’s a good idea to book a group package. You will save money and your group will have a private instructor.

Make sure you bring a swimsuit, towel and flip flops.

More information on programs and packages here.

Maeva Indoor Surfing, Flowrider, Laval, Quebec

Maeva Indoor Surfing, Flowrider, Laval, Quebec

10. Canoeing in Laval

A natural attraction in the heart of Laval city is Parc de la Rivière-des-Mille-Îles. This park is a great place to explore with kids. You can rent a canoe, kayak, row boat, or pedal boat to explore the bayou landscape, wildlife sanctuary, flowery marshes, swamp forests, and the lush vegetation of its islands.

We spotted lots of birds and turtles on our canoe trip. If you’re lucky, you may even spot a beaver. We passed by a few beaver dens but were unsuccessful seeing a beaver.

Life jackets are available, so you don’t need to bring your own. You may want to bring a dry sack to protect your phone and valuables. Don’t forget sunglasses, sunscreen and bug spray.

More information about boat rentals here.

Hilton Laval Quebec

Where to stay in Laval, Quebec

We stayed at the Hilton Laval for two nights. It’s located close to SkyVenture Montreal. We stayed in a one bedroom suite. It was very roomy and comes with a small kitchen.

The hotel has a nice indoor pool and hot tub. The continental breakfast was really good with lots of choice.

Search for more Laval hotels and accommodations here.

Where to eat in Laval, Quebec

For dinner, check out 1909 Taverne Moderne Restaurant. It has a HUGE 33 foot screen for sport lovers, great beers on tap, and an amazing variety of food options. Our group shared a meat platter (see above) and it was delicious.

Kids are welcome and they offer a kids menu.

Pulled Pork Poutine

For lunch or dinner, check out Enoteca Monza Restaurant, located in Promenade du Centropolis. We had dinner on the outside patio. If you like Italian food, you’ll love this place. It offers a variety of freshly prepared wood-oven pizza and traditional Italian dishes like pasta, veal scaloppini and chicken parmigiano.

We went local and tried the pork poutine (above) and nutella dessert pizza (below). You MUST eat at least one poutine while in Quebec.

Nutella Pizza dessert in quebec with kids

Above – nutella dessert pizza. Below – decadent crepe with fresh fruit and chocolate.

Eating crepes at L'Antre-Nous restaurant in quebec with kids

For breakfast, check our L’Antre-Nous restaurant, a daytime cafe that serves a variety of sweet & savory crêpes. Similar to poutine, you can’t travel to Quebec and not try a crepe.

You can eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack. They are soooooo good!

Quebec with kids

Final thoughts from our trip to Quebec

We loved exploring Quebec. It easily ranks as one of our favourite Canadian Provinces (we are biased to British Columbia). It’s family friendly and the people are very hospitable.

It’s understandable why most first time visitors to Quebec will want to spend time in Montreal and Quebec City. They are fantastic cities. However, after spending time in the City of Laval and region of Monteregie, we can say with confidence that you should include some time in these regions, too.

Hopefully one of these activities and experiences will make it on your future Quebec itinerary.

Have you visited Quebec? What was your highlight?

Share your experience in the comments section below. Our readers thank you!


Disclosure: we teamed up with Quebec Original in order to make this trip possible. Our indoor skydiving experience was complimentary. We agreed to share our honest, firsthand experience on this blog and social media channels. Read our disclaimer here and see our previous campaigns here.

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